Table of Contents


"Construction Management for the Novice"

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© 2000 by Victor Raymos

This information is provided for public use. It may not be reproduced in multiple hard copies for distribution or profit. No guarantees are expressed or implied in this book and it is the responsilbility of all readers to evaluate and accept all risks in the construction process.

Life is a work in progress and so is this book. Changes and additions will be made from time to time. Any feedback from readers is appreciated.

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction

    • Why Manage Your Home Construction

    • Why Work With "You Build, We Help!" Service?

    • Voice of Experience

  2. What To Do First

    • Budget

    • Construction Documents

    • The High Cost of Cheap Plans

    • PRICES

    • Time To Manage Project

  3. Pointers on Design

    • Good Design

    • What Do I Like?

    • Measure of Man

    • The Circle Diagram

    • Site Notes

  4. Communication With Your Architect-Designer

    • Compatability

    • How the Big Boys Do It

    • You Can Too

    • Bank Loan Approval

    • Appraisals

  5. Bidding Out The Project

    • How to Find Subs

    • How to Qualify Subs

    • 1 Bid, 2 Bids, 3 Bids, Save a Dollar

    • Contracts "A Man is Only as Good as His Word"

    • Don't Sign Before...!

    • Good Working Relationships

    • Good Working Relationships

  6. How to Estimate the Cost of Your Home

    • Use the Experience of Subs

    • What Materials Should You Supply?

    • Typical Estimate List

    • Typical Estimate List

  7. Insurance

    • How to Protect Yourself & Your Property

    • What is Covered?

  8. Don't Pay the Same Bill Twice!

    • Lien Waiver

    • Notice of Commencement

    • Notice to Owner

  9. Construction Sequence

    • Critical Path Method

    • Typical Construction Sequence

  10. Working with Subs and Building Inspectors

    • Good Documents

    • Be Available

    • Keep Up with The Project

    • Punch List

    • Getting the Permit & How to Work with Inspectors

  11. Day in the life of a Construction Manager (in this case You!)

    • Push to Get Through

  12. Items to Look for During Construction

    • Keys to a Successful Project

    • In Conclusion