Architectural & Construction Management Services

Residential Architect

Experience and teamwork are the requirements for good architecture. Architecture that is functional, pleasing to the eye, cost effective and stays within the budget.

Effective and applauded structures are the result of keeping the architect’s eye on many levels at once. Structural integrity, function of each space in relation to the whole, environmental and passive design issues, costs of construction and aesthetics as appreciated by the client and public.

The term "Architect" means Master Builder. A professional who not only designs a structure but also understands and supervises the construction process. With more than 27 years experience and over 120 million dollars in construction projects, Victor Raymos meets this standard of Architect / Master Builder. In recent years the service of Construction Management firms as grown rapidly. This service provides the client with one point responsibility. The Construction Manager organizes the entire project by coordinating all of the professional services required to complete a project.

Using this service the client is in the driver’s seat with immediate access to all project information and control. With the use of construction management you get a holistic approach to the design and build equation where the construction manager, architect, builder and client work together as a team to get the best results for the available budget.

The battleground triangle of Owner, Architect and Builder are eliminated and replaced with a “Team Approach” that greatly facilitates the problem-solving process.

How many times have your heard, "The project came in late and over budget!" By using construction management these problems are minimized.

"You Build, We Help!"

The best way to save money on your next home building project.

Victor Raymos, architect and builder, offers you a way to save up to 15% on the construction of your new home or up to 25% on your next remodeling project.

Let us help you provide the Construction Management on you new home or renovation. By putting your skills to work along side ours you will be able to save money and get the best construction value.

Here is what we provide:

  1. Construction Planning
  2. Architectural Plans
  3. Cost Estimating
  4. Financing Assistance
  5. Building Manual
  6. On-Site Consultations
  7. Qualified Subcontractors

Read our on-line book "Managing Your Home Construction".

This book will give you an overview of the home building process . By reading this book you be able to make a decision on what help you will need to build your project.

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